Why us

We provide unique performance & culture solutions through employee engagement programs


Our mission is to create a globally engaged workforce through support, honesty, respect, common sense & fun so people love what they do. We create highly engaged employees, which in turn provides:




Run a Program

Are you a business owner who wants to learn more about improving your teams engagement? We have developed twelve programs that are suited to help your business create a strong, positive culture and lasting impact.

Become a Coach

Interested in becoming a licensed coach and joining our global coaching community? With 300 coaches in 80 countries, there is endless opportunity for you to start or grow your business – all while positively impacting people the world over.

Be a Master Licensee

If you are passionate about making a difference and having a real impact in the world, find out about the limited opportunity to be a Master Licensee. You have the opportunity to build and mentor a community of coaches, while expanding the Engage & Grow story.
Get a Corporate License
Your chance to solve your human resource issues and lead your team internally, to create an engaged workplace. A corporate license will allow you to engage your workplace quickly, cost effectively and consistently so you keep ahead of the competition.


Richard Maloney

“Employee Engagement is having individuals who are eager to get up in the morning and participate to society and something that is bigger than them, because they understand their role in the big picture.”

50000 +

We are working for turning the under-performing staff into fully engaged employees.

80 +

Engage & Grow has served to six continents and more than 80 countries

300 +

The lifeblood of Engage & Grow are our talented coaches.
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