Employee engagement and superpowers!

Subconsciously or perhaps consciously, everyone envies superheroes a little bit. Think of pushing away someone you don’t like just by looking into their eyes ☺ Isn’t that fun? Or simply raising your hand and flying somewhere that you would normally get to in 30 minutes by car. Or reading someone’s mind just by looking into their eyes! Admit it, everyone wants superpowers. But for some reason, powers and characteristics that already exist within are overlooked.

Yet findings from studies on employee engagement reveal the power of engaged employees to help the company soar. Wasn’t soaring what you wanted?

What do the numbers say?

As Engage & Grow, when it comes to employee engagement analyses we predicate things on Gallup’s findings. According to Gallup, customer satisfaction is 10 percent higher in companies with higher employee engagement. If we consider that customer satisfaction is one of the primary objectives of organizations, this is a substantial percentage.

Yet there are three more numbers that peak executives’ interests much more. In companies with high employee engagement productivity is 17% higher, even higher still is revenue at 20% and profitability at 21%. As you can see, employees with higher engagement actually contribute to their companies with their own superpowers.

Let’s look at the numbers again, this time on the negative side, and see what low engagement triggers in companies: The turnover rate in companies with low engagement rates are shown to be 25%. So in the corner of the employees’ minds exists always the idea of a better job. If you cannot engage your employees you are already complying with a lapse in quality of about 41 percent. This is a horrific number! You face 37% of your employees not showing up for work in the morning. If you ask me, this number may increase as the next generation takes their place at our tables and in the game.

The last numbers I will share are spine-chilling: Low employee engagement causes 50% more work accidents — if someone doesn’t enjoy the work they do, if they aren’t committed to their workplace, they are much more fallible. In risky lines of work, engagement is seen as a corporate dream and causes countless injuries and deaths.

Do not look for a superpower in Planet Krypton

Executive teams have certain typical behaviors regarding employee engagement. There are some that confuse the phrase with employee happiness and consider that ‘the employee has no intention of working’ if the work doesn’t bring them happiness.
There are executive teams that have experienced truly engaged employees, seen their benefits, and internalized the joy of leading such groups. The moment there is a drop in engagement rates of the company they announce code red. It becomes a joy to work with them for us as well.
There are executive teams that demand to discuss price first when we tell them about employee engagement. We see this all over the world… Of course, there is a price for every job that is done, but what is the point in asking about its budget when you don’t yet know what it will bring and how it will benefit you?
There are companies that have managed to create an engaged community themselves, incorporated it into their corporate culture, and built their system based on the human factor; these companies have bright executive teams. Working and discussing our team-oriented solutions with them is a completely different experience. In highly engaged companies supplier engagement to is high, and you are especially pleased and satisfied with your work with them.
If it is a client I personally value companies seen as an owner-managed business yet open to growth thanks to its missions and their executive teams.
They are aware of the long path ahead of them and that their biggest advantage in competing with their rivals is their employees. We work with them in all corners of the world and together carry out many successful projects.

In search of superpowers…

When writing this article, I started with two sentences written in the content recommendations from my social media agency…
How is the atmosphere in companies where employee engagement is high?
Teams feel energized and empowered in the positive atmosphere of companies that have highly engaged employees. It becomes a pleasure to go through a process, and you feel motivated and enjoy being a member of that team.

In companies with highly engaged employees, teams soar! Productivity and profitability increase. Isn’t this all that management teams and shareholders are looking for?
What is it that you are looking for? What superpower do you need to grow? Or do you already have a team that has such powers?

Isik Serifsoy

CEO Engage & Grow

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