Here’s how Gallup defines the Employee Experience:
“The employee experience is the journey an employee takes with your organization. It includes all the interactions an employee has with your organization before, during and after their tenure.”
The pinnacle of employee experience is employee engagement. To create employee engagement, you need to design a great employee journey.
So, what should you do for a passionate journey that starts from the moment you see the candidate’s job posting and continues until the alumni meetings?
For employees to follow your social media accounts even after leaving the company, your company’s achievements with happiness and pride?
Do you think this is possible? Definitely yes!

  1. Align on meaning and value: Let employees always feel what they are -or will be- a part of
  2. Make sure you embrace everyone: Diversity, equity and inclusion are no longer an idea, but a necessity.
  3. Make them feel recognized: Appreciate, honor, never forget to thank.
  4. Focus on their well-being: Physically, mentally, emotionally and of course financially.
  5. Keep pathways to their learning and development open: Not just to be useful to you, but to become better.
  6. Pay attention to the first and last moment: A journey is perfect only if every moment is beautiful. Starting and leaving a job are crucial steps of the employee journey.

We spend almost a third of our lives at work. An excellent employee experience reinforces an excellent life experience. We all deserve better, so why not do better?

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