Realizing that a good employee is unhappy at work can come as a shock, especially when it seemed like everything was going well. Decreasing employee engagement, especially in previously motivated employees, is a serious problem for organizations.

12 professionals from Forbes Human Resources Council point out the telltale signs of employee disengagement that could cost a business its best workers:

  • Withdrawal
  • Poor communication
  • Breaks from routine
  • Silence
  • An apathetic approach
  • Absenteeism
  • Complacency
  • A decline in work quality; missed deadlines
  • Exhaustion, cynicism, inefficiency
  • Lack of participation
  • Naysaying
  • Rudeness

If you can spot the signs that an employee is disengaged, you can take some action to change the situation.

One of the most common mistakes managers make is this: You actually see the signs, but you ignore them for a number of reasons.

You are busy; you don’t care about small changes or small vulnerabilities.

You have a problem of not caring; you assume that this job is the only option for the employees.

You have a problem of not seeing; you ignore the elephant in the middle of the room.

However, a change in an engaged employee may indicate bigger problems than you think.

Ask yourself; are you busy, don’t care or don’t see it at all?

These are all your problems, not your employees’ problems.

How about focusing on these problems before you become a candidate to solve employee problems?

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