Founded in 2012 by entrepreneur and world leading engagement expert Richard Maloney, Engage & Grow has a vision to create a globally engaged workforce, one employee at a time.

Engage & Grow was born out of a passion for helping people thrive and we exist to reconnect employees. We are passionate about this because no matter what industry you are in, people are the most important asset to any organisation.

Engage & Grow was also founded on challenging the norm. We believe companies and leaders need to go beyond traditional training methods to truly engage with their employees.

About Us

Its more than a program, its a global movement…

We are very proud of the places we have been, the people we work with and the impact we are having. This is just the start of a truly engaged global workforce.

“Engage & Grow is not your traditional training company. Training is dead. We are challenging the norm and disrupting the market with everything we do. And our customers like it”. Rıchard Maloney – ENGAGE & GROW-FOUNDER

Frequently Asked Questıons

1. The Process of Being a Coach

Thank you for your interest. In this process we would like to get to know you a bit more and also be clear and transparent about the process. For this reason we are offering a free webinar to cover who we are looking for, what is the opportunity as well as valuable content around employee engagement. Please register and participate at your convenient hour to this webinar. At the end of the webinar, you will be able to make a 1:1 appointment with us to discuss further. Here is the registration link:

Short answer: No. We are teaching and supporting our coaches on this journey. We help them to position themselves as a subject matter experts & to use different marketing channels to promote their business. Being a Certified Coach certainly helps however it is not obligatory. We have a large number of very successful coaches who are not Certified Coaches. We are looking for committed individuals who can learn a proven methodology on employee engagement and offer this solution to their customers in a relatively short time. Please participate in the webinar to know more about this particular subject.


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Our programs are helping business owners to improve one of the most important assets of the company – their people. This is a sought after service and will be a demanded niche for years to come. When you add Engage and Grow programs to your portfolio, you have a massive opportunity to commercialize this additional service as it is a proven system – which is both global and measurable. When you sell your first program, your Return On Investment (ROI) is mostly back to your pocket, so ROI is very likely if you can sell a program in a short period of time. Reach out to us after the webinar if you want to know more details on this.

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2. Our Programs

We do this through our unique system, which is facilitated by our licensed coaches. We have different programs which utilise this system through a variety of different time periods, logistics and focus points.  Our most common program is our Red Belt, 1 hour per week for 12 weeks with up to 12 people participating. We design the programs according to the customer’s workplace needs and each program is designed differently. We conduct sessions whereby we activate the team with several activities to be executed in real office life – so, not a role play, not a simulation, not training. Our programs see the communication gets better, leader to team relationships improve, more accountability within the team and people feel more valued and appreciated. As a result we have a healthy statistic of 99.5% for satisfied participants within our programs.

As we are a Global organisation, we have an ‘around the clock’ support system for our coach community.  Our dedicated Coach Support Manager is available to answer specific questions and our 24/7 dashboard and exclusive chat groups allow our coaches to reach all of the relevant information quickly and easily. We also design each program according to the customer’s needs, which is a sensational offering for you as the facilitator of the program. We support our coaches with the preparation, execution and evaluation of the program with free surveys to measure the impact of our program. Someone is available to assist you navigate the well trodden, highly successful path.

We offer coaches the opportunity to provide Employee Engagement surveys to all clients and even potential clients – completely FREE of charge.  They are available in multiple languages, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.  From these surveys, we diagnose certain important aspects to be improved within the culture of the organisation, then we design our programs accordingly. Low retention rate, toxic culture, lack of appreciation, departmental silos, closed culture, limitations with communication, low skill of the team leader, lack of recognition and low rate of recommending the company are some of the key challenges related to Employee Engagement which can be identified through these surveys and our programs are designed to target those specific results.

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